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1. The opening and closing mode of autoclave door adopts hydraulic automatic opening and manual opening; 

2. The hydraulic automatic door opening can realize that one hydraulic station can control the opening and closing of multiple autoclave doors;

3. According to the steaming curing process, the whole process of opening, closing, vacuumizing, steam inlet, heat preservation and steam exhaust of the autoclave door is automatically controlled;

4. Drainage device adopts both automatic and manual drainages;

5. Gear milling process is applied to the flanges of both autoclave body and its cover.

6. After machining the reinforcing ring of the autoclave body, the whole set of assembly is carried out;

New autoclave with hydraulic door openning

The new autoclave with quick opening device is composed of toothless flange on autoclave cover, toothless flange on autoclave body, and the split clamp. It has completely independent intellectual property rights, with one invention patent and one utility model patent respectively

Features: no need to machine the autoclave teeth. The stress condition, and service life of the equipment are improved

Autoclave for laminated glass


1. Electric opening and closing of the autoclave door, easy to operate and use;

2. Heating and cooling devices as well as air circulating duct are arranged inside;

3. Forced internal circulation is adopted, heating evenly and yielding highly;

4. Safety interlock device is equipped on the autoclave door with stable performance, safe and reliable.