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Basic Concept

Our Mission: Integrate Chinese technology, manufacture efficient and environmentally friendly products

As a manufacturer of "Energy Efficiency Star" and "Recommended Industrial Energy Saving Equipment" awarded by the Ministry of Industry And Information Technology, Sifang Boiler, ever since its establishment, has closely adhered to China’s policy of energy saving and environmental protection; attached great importance to the constant investment in R & D and innovation, and successively developed more energy-saving and new environmental protection products of boilers and pressure vessels to serve the society. On the one hand, we have provided the clients with thoughtful and total solutions to fully meet their needs in reducing energy loss and improving energy conversion efficiency; On the other hand, we have taken environmental protection as our mission, actively fulfilled our social responsibilities, firmly implement environmental protection laws and regulations, and introduced environmental protection technology into our R & D and manufacturing. We have also introduced “cleaner production assessment system, ISO14001 environmental management as well as "three standards" management system of QMS, EMS and OHSAS, etc. Through continuous scientific and technological innovation, we have guaranteed our products do not cause pollution to the environment or harm to the health of clients in the use process.We will continue to speed up quality development hence to become the leader of sustainable development in the industry.

Our Vision

Become a solution providing leader with superior Design, intelligent manufacturing and stable operation ability in special equipment industry

Since its establishment, Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd., with the responsibility of creating the future of energy saving and environmental protection, has put its focus on the R & D, production and service of boiler products, taken energy saving and environmental protection as the primary principle, and strived to be the leader in technology, management of the industry in China. This vision inspires all our employees to bravely face the challenges in the increasingly fierce market competition, and constantly develop, innovate and strive to be the first in the industry. At present, the scale and strength of our R & D, production, marketing and service have entered the forefront of medium-sized boiler enterprises in China. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in R & D and innovation, further enhance the strength of intelligent manufacturing, develop and innovate more and better energy-saving and environmental protection boiler and pressure vessel products, improve the efficiency of energy utilization in the industry, and make new and greater contributions to the sustainable innovation and development of energy saving and environmental protection for mankind.

Core Values: Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation and Transcendence


Integrity: Being a man with integrity, performing responsibilities with integrity, and being honest and moral

Collaboration: Be enthusiastic about public welfare, repay the society; share resources and result in win-win situation

Innovation: Be bold in making innovation and taking responsibilities

Transcendence: Making continuous improvement and striving for excellence

Application concept

Leadership: Respect service, take the lead in action

Communication: Communicate frankly and accessibly

Talent: Select people with strong ability and good moral character

Learning: Dedicated to learning and constant innovation

Distribution: Distribute fairly in accordance with performance

Customer: Stick to the principle of customer first, and provide them with high-quality service

Brand: Build up brand with the concept of cultural orientation.

Quality: Integrity makes good products, quality wins the market.


Brand spreading

Slogan: Make friends from all walks of life with the products of Sifang Boiler

Leadership concept

Respect service, and take the lead in action


Leadership is responsibility, management is service, and leaders should take the lead in executing policy. Leadership not only means a kind of post, but also a kind of quality, responsibility and attitude toward work, and more important it is a kind of initiative and exemplary action. Leaders at all levels of the company should take service as the guide, earnestly respect all relevant parties, always pay attention to influencing, inspiring and condensing people with their own practical actions, and work together to advance towards the vision of the company. Sifang Boiler advocates its leadership to take the initiative and give full play to their respective leading potential to promote the continuous improvement of comprehensive performance.


Communicate frankly and accessibly


Annotation: Communication is a bridge that ties people together, only based on which can management be full of vitality. Without communication, management is just an imagination and a mechanical act lacking of vitality. Communication is the lifeline of operation and management of our company. This is like a person's blood vessel, which runs through every part of the body, promotes the circulation of the body, provides various nutrients, and forms an organism of life. 

So we should always do everything to ensure good, frank and high efficient communication

Talent concept:

Quality of people determines the quality of products and services. Employees morality determines the morality, grade and reputation of the company.


The company deeply understands the principle that in manufacturing industry “only high-quality products can satisfy clients”. Ever since its establishment, the company has always taken the built-up of high-quality and high-skilled the staff as the core competitiveness of the company, and made the staff with good moral character, correct thinking, professional prominence, excellent skills, serious responsibility and common aspiration as the most important assets of the company. The company recruits the talents all over the country, and tries its best to build up an open, relaxed, united and efficient cultural environment, constantly expands and improves the platform of common aspiration. At the same time, the company is committed to promoting the overall development of all employees, managing and training them as well as making them successful.

Learning concept

Focus on innovation while being modest in learning.


There must be one out of three who can be my teacher. To be hardworking, modest and studious, to learn from others' strong points to offset one's weaknesses, and to be persistent are the only way to constantly improve ourselves. Especially in the special equipment industry, knowledge is not only obtained from books, practice is the source of knowledge. The most effective method of learning is to apply knowledge to practice and make innovation. Innovation is the solid foundation and inexhaustible power of development, the purpose of continuous learning and improvement, this is also an important indicator to show and measure learning ability and comprehensive level.

Distribution concept

Distribute fairly in accordance with performance


“No pains, no credits”.

In severe competitive boiler and pressure vessel industry, good business performance is the foundation for enterprises to participate in competition and sustainable development, so performance is the criterion for our distribution. Sticking to this concept requires us to distribute in accordance with performance rather than with seniority, cronyism, personal likes and dislikes, i.e. performance calls the shots, based on which we shall reach fairness as per final performance.

“Reaching fairness” is our ideal. Although absolute fairness does not exist, we try to be fair and reasonable, we try to be fair and reasonable in designing system, assessing performance and making distribution.

Based on this, we need to carefully design and improve the distribution system with the times, make the distribution policy close to the reality, and fulfill it in the light of regulations and laws, hence to win the understanding and trust of employees.

By implementing the concept of fair and performance-oriented distribution, we try to build a mechanism to encourage putting outstanding talents in important position, and improve and adjust this mechanism along with the construction and development of the company, so as to enhance our core competitiveness. 

Customer concept:

Stick to the principle of customer first, and provide them with high-quality service


"Customer supremacy" is the consensus of the company.

As a special equipment manufacturer, our customers include state-owned enterprises as well as those from other sectors, either major projects or small ones. We take the responsibility of energy-saving and environmental protection. The quality of life, happiness and well-being of the people are the purpose and destination of our service. Therefore, from manufacturing to installation service, we firmly follow the concept of “All for customers”, establishing a set of rapid response mechanism, so as to ensure the successful implementation of the contract, timely and thoughtful service for the purpose of meeting customer needs and expectations hence to achieve mutual benefit and a win-win situation. 

Brand concept

Build up brand with the concept of cultural orientation.


We strive to be the leader of energy-saving, environmental protection with high efficient products in special equipment industry of China.

The leading brand is the leading strength, moreover is the leading culture, which determines the direction, future, destiny and road, etc., of the company. In a word it determines everything of the company.

Corporate culture is the inexhaustible source of power and the sustainable competitiveness for the brand.

Quality concept

Integrity makes good products, quality wins the market.


Quality is an intangible culture, which is the spirit of pursuing perfection and refinement. We uphold the motto of “being a person who must do best things, and make the quality of people and products co-exist. By enhancing quality management, we have implemented the quality responsibility to ensure the efficient operation of quality system; we regard detail control as a must, and highly advocate quality projects so as to build up an excellent brand in the industry. Persevere is the spirit that has permeated into every cell of our company, and allowed Sifang Boiler always be full of energy and vitality; we shall let this temperament get into every detail of customer service and make our customers feel satisfied. 

Brand spreading slogan

Slogan: Make friends from all walks of life with the products of Sifang Boiler


Brand is a clarion call. Since Jiangsu Sifang Boiler was engaged in the fabrication of special equipment, we have transformed from traditional boiler manufacturing to R&D, innovation and manufacturing & service of environmental protection, energy saving, high- parameter, large capacity, low emission boilers. The brand of Sifang Boiler has become a booster and assembly horn to speed up the high-quality development of the company. 

We have experienced ups and downs as well as brilliance, and under the guidance and support of the CPC and government, the development road of Sifang Boiler for over 20 years is the road to establish the product brand of Sifang Boiler, and also the road to establish the brand of Chinese boilers.

“A great wind came forth, the clouds rose on high. ……

Where will I find brave men to guard the four corners of my land?” 

Jiangsu Sifang Boiler is rooted in the land of Gupeng (name of Xuzhou in ancient time). Through absorbing the rich connotation of Han culture, war culture and landscape culture of Xuzhou, the company has innovated and improved the industrial technology research and development of China. The company always adheres to the priority of developing and fabricating environment protection and energy saving products, bravely faces any new challenge and strives to be the first class. We are happy and ready to make friends from all over the world. The company has successively established well-known brand names, becoming one of the "energy efficiency star", "the most influential brand", "the largest autoclave product R & D and manufacturing base", and the "most influential brand" of the national aerated concrete industry, etc, It has won a better and more extensive market recognition and good reputation. In the increasingly fierce market competition, it has embarked on a high-quality development road. We will chant our brand slogan “making friends from all walks of life with the products of Sifang Boiler” and make our products go to the markets both at home and abroad.